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Japanese small businesses target China auto aftermarket

Press Release 2018-06-08

Automotive maintenance market will meet a new challenge

On February 12th, 2014, the president of Japan NPO SEKAI, Sen Nakata, together with executives from its 4 member enterprises visited Genertec International Advertising and Exhibition Co., Ltd. Both sides had meetings and talks related to cooperation matters of 2014 China International Auto Products Expo (CIAPE).

NPO SEKAI is a non-profit syndicate with a history of more than 10 years and its members are as many as 12,000. Among them, two thirds are enterprises in maintenance and after-sale service industry. Sen Nakata had led 6 member enterprises to participate in the China International Auto Parts Expo 2013 (CIAPE), demonstrating Japanese auto repair technologies to China auto aftermarket. He had great expectation and full confidence for 2014 China International Auto Products Expo. The purpose of this trip was for further strengthening cooperation of both sides, he said and hoped that the popular mode of car convenience store would be launched in the comprehensive upgrade whole industrial chain platform in 2014, so that to achieve the win-win purpose.

President Li Rengui introduced some details about the 2014 CIAPE at the beginning of the talks between the two sides. Shanghai Hongqiao China Expo Complex, Which was expected to be put in use in 2015, will have its first high-profile exhibition — 2014 China International Auto Products Expo on October 19th to 21st. The expo transformed and upgraded on the basis of the 7 previous CIAPE to fully cover the whole automobile industry chain. As the exclusive national platform for international and professional display of auto products in China and China’s self-independent trade platform for auto products covering the entire auto industry, it will exhibit a wide range of auto products, attracting excellent exhibitors from all over the world and spectators and buyers from various fields.

Seiko, a famous brand for producing watches, covers a wide range of business. Hisashi Kitaura, from Seiko Instruments Inc., introduced automotive diagnostic equipments and their applications. Fillcorporation corporation president Akiharu Kosaka brought high-tech automobile coating products. The coating products refined by molecular units can provide lasting—effective protection for the car paint. Car paint film hardness can reach 9H after coating and the coating products have commitment 5 years warranty. They will have field experimental demonstration during CIAPE 2014. E&C Technology Corporation President Hirofumi MIYASAKO gave a brief introduction on the software system applied to the automobile industry, such as the vehicle management system and a credit card settlement system.

Sen Nakata said, with China’s status as the world’s first automobile production and sales gradually stable, the demands for automotive maintenance in Chinese market will soar in the future, and repair price in 4 S shops tends to rise. Small businesses related to vehicle maintenance and repair will meet opportunities, directly providing products and technology for low-price, high-efficiency and hi-tech car shops. It will become the dominant trend in the future and also provide more and more Chinese consumers a better choice.