DEC 12-14, 2019    National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

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DEC 12-14, 2019   National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

Thank you for your interest in China International Auto Products Expo (CIAPE) ! Involved in the world’s largest auto market, it is a realistic question how enterprises can possess the global perspective and participate in the domestic and international division of labor and competition. Here we highly recommend CIAPE, through which I hope you will find the answer.

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CIAPE is a national and internationalized, magnificent event to Unicom Chinese and foreign auto industry for communication,integration, development and win-win cooperation.

Chen Yu dong

Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.

Exhibitor Comments

Bosch holds an unswerving conviction in the Chinese market for a sustainable development and a reliable partnership for Chinese automakers. We really highlight CIAPE, the national platform and witness the development from the first session to the fourth session with a better and better attendance and effectiveness. More and more famous purchasers come to the show which benefits us in developing relationship with new customers and seeing old customers. Moreover, it offers us a good opportuni

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Denso ( China ) Investment Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Comments

China International Auto Parts Expo provided a platform for global major auto parts enterprises to display and exchange, which was a great help for enterprises to understand new products, to know industry trends and to expand the influence. Since the first expo held in 2007, Denso has actively participated. We think highly of the international communication platform and regard it as one of the important activities for Denso’s global development. In the future, we will still actively make go

Bill Long

Automotive Industry Action Group.

Exhibitor Comments

CIAPE gives us the opportunity to provide an exchange platform for Chinese and American auto companies. The people of Detroit have come and they have been in close contact with Chinese automobile enterprises. Domestic enterprises go out, and they face a broader market. We will continue to work with the exhibition to bring more opportunities and trade to Chinese and American enterprises.

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